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The online community for ambitious business owners that want to show up, support each other and get shit done. The only business community infused with strategic 90-day planning and masterminding from Katie Chic Consulting.



The business owner that's tired of feeling alone.

The business owner that's craving a supportive community that doesn't judge.

The business owner who's ready to achieve their dreams and is fed up with being on the hamster wheel.

The business owner that knows where they're going but needs that kick up the bottom to get there.

The business owner that wants to have friends they can talk business to, that can offer valuable advice.

Set your 90-day business goals in an interactive workshop

Get focused for the week ahead with Monday planning sessions

Join coworking sprints to work

on your plan

and stay accountable

Get personalised advice and support in our mastermind sessions

Share your worries and unwind with your fellow club members

Review and reset every month, share your wins,  struggles and refocus.

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My clients inspired me to create Action Club. Whilst I have over a decade of experience in the business world, a degree in business management and marketing and have helped over 30 women in the past 2 years on a 1:1 basis to gain more clarity and build a business strategy that works for them, something was still missing.  


I wanted a space to bring people together, a safe place for you to use to lean on others when times get tough, a place that feels like home or a warm cuppa on a cold day, do you know what I mean?

A place free from judgement and filled with my kind of people that just want to build a business that works for them whilst making some friends along the way.


And we all need a bit of extra accountability to get shit done, don't we?


“Working with Katie feels like safety. Knowing that no matter what happens or how I feel Katie is there with practical advice, ideas & support is priceless”

- Laura,
The People Pleasers Coach


"A breath of fresh air. Working with you has breathed life back into my business and fanned the fire inside."

- Kat,
Virtual Time Hustle


“Working with Katie is like working with a friend, a friend who is helpful, supportive and always by your side 💕”

- Kayleigh
KH Web Design

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“Katie will help you to get onto the right path so you can achieve your goals, and make the impact of your dreams”

- Arta
Convert Impact


Katie constantly made me feel like weight was lifted off my shoulders & I was excited for all the reasons I started my business (not all the bullshit that comes with having one!)

- Chloe
The Happiness Helper


Action Club is an online community for business owners just like you that is craving an 'office vibe' without the 9 -5!

You can join as many or as few sessions as you want but remember the more you put in the more you get out!

Action Club runs in 90-day sprints, so every quarter we'll have a new planning session to map out your next goals!

Any business type can join we don't restrict anyone - all we ask for is good vibes and the desire to get shit done!

Sessions alternate between morning, afternoon and evening so if you have other commitments it won't be a problem!


Quarterly Planning

Map out your goals for the next 90 days in our live interactive quarterly planning workshop.


Come and practice your pitch, collaborate, find new opportunities in our Networking sessions.


The place to get some feedback and advice for your business from a range of other business owners and experts. 

Monday Plan the Week

Meet us online every Monday to set yourself up for success by planning out your week.

Get Shit Done Sprints

Your digital co-working session. Join us for some accountability whilst you do the task you've been trying to put off all week.

Community Groups

Running a business can be lonely, come share your worries, connect and have a gossip in a safe space.

Community Channel

Connect, support and hold your fellow action takers accountable in your own private community channel.

Monthly Review

Share your wins and struggles from the month, check off your list and get refocused for the upcoming month. 


  • Quarterly Planning Workshop 1 x per quarter

  • Monday Morning Plan The Week 1 x per week

  • Get Shit Done Co-Working Sprints 2 x per week

  • Mastermind Sessions 2 x per month

  • Monthly Review And Reset 1 x per month

  • Community Sessions 2 x per month

  • Networking Events 1 x per quarter

  • Community Channel runs constantly

Plus an amazing community of like-minded business owners that just want to support each other in their business journey and some additional resources from me to help you plan effectively!

Only £100per month

3-month minimum commitment with the option to stay or leave after the quarter. Doors will only open at the beginning of each quarter for sign-up.

"I've never been great at moving towards my goals. Classic set a goal and never get anywhere. Working with Katie means I always have someone there to support me, talk through ideas with, keep them realistic and hold me accountable with doing the things to make the little steps forward every day and now I know where to move forward.
I am now consistent across the business earning more and finally taking days off and doing things for myself away from the business. Which I would have never done with Katie being an incredible wing woman encouraging me  ."

Alex, Digitastic


What times are the sessions?
The sessions run at varying times Monday -Thursday in the GMT time zone. Full details will be released soon!
I make sure all the sessions have both day and evening sessions with the aim that you should be able to make one of them.

Are the sessions recorded?
The only recorded sessions are the Masterminds, I do have guided training in the community channel for the others!
I would really love for you to come and attend live as much as you can, that's how you get the most out of Action Club.

Why is there a 3-month commitment?
I want you to commit to your business goals for the whole quarter, and we want to hold you accountable!
My goal is to see you make progress, if I let you leave after one month I wouldn't be doing my job right, We're in this together now.

Do I have to attend all the sessions?
No, you can attend as many as you want to, but remember, the more you show up the more progress you make!
I wanted a club with variety, don't feel overwhelmed by the number of sessions, think of it like you have X opportunities each week.

- Join the community -



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