90 minutes 1:1 Business Booster Session


Had an average quarter and wish it could have gone better? 

Maybe you didn't reach all your goals but your not sure why. 

Maybe you had a great 3 months and want to keep the momentum going! 

You are ready to take your business to the next level but don't know how?

Perhaps you have some great ideas but no idea how to make them a reality?

This 90-minute session is designed to make all of the above happen.

If you are ready for expert help at an accessible price - you've come to the right place! 

What's Included?


A Questionnaire to learn more about your business, your goals and the struggles you are currently facing. This questionnaire will give me the information I need to do my prep and research before the call so we make every minute count in our session.

booster session

A 90-minute Zoom session where we deep dive into the areas you need support. This is your uninterrupted time to make huge developments in your business and we can work on or discuss whatever you need. 


After our session is finished I will send you over any notes and details from the call and a recording if you wish. You will then have 2 weeks FREE consulting via email to ask me any questions you may have. 

happy customer, Australia

"Honestly just an incredible call, with an incredible human being!"

Katie is just an angel. I had a strategy session with her because i was a bit lost with my business. I had a bunch of ideas I wanted to work on, but it was hard prioritize tasks and understand what was realistic and what wasn't. During our call i had so much more clarity and we were able to discuss my 3,6 and 12 month goals so that i knew what were my next steps. I also loved that she listened to my ideas/struggles and was able to give me practical steps as well as cheer me up. At the end of our call, I had the recording of our meeting (which is needed, because its a long call!) and a goal-setting workbook which was jam packed with tips on how to structure the goals. 

Sonia - Wildly Creating

Frequent Questions

Can i afford it?

The investment for this Business Booster Session is £247, for that, you get a 90-minute private session over Zoom, all notes  PLUS FREE - 2 weeks unlimited email consulting.  
More important than the financial commitment is the return on investment. Having clarity in your business will allow you to make strides in your business development, not to mention having me in your pocket for 2 whole weeks. 

What stage does my business need to be?

The Business Booster Session is designed for any stage of your business. This session is designed to give you clarity, develop strategies and plans to help you move forward and take your business to the next level. Together we will take you from winging it to winning it. 

What kind of business is this for?

The Business Booster Session designed for any business Service or Product based. I have worked with many different clients in the past ranging from - Ecommerce, Web Designers, Instagram Strategist, Hairdressers, Beauticians, Holiday Lets, Restaurants, Tech Experts... the list is endless. 

How do I book?

By clicking any of the Booking links - the whole process is online and simple. You choose your session time and make the payment online through the secure payment. Once I have received the notification I will email you a link to the questionnaire to fill out prior to our session. I recommend filling out the questionnaire at least 48hours prior to the call so I can do adequate research and preparation for the call. I like to make sure we make the most out of the 90 minutes.

Do you offer payment plans?

I do yes. One of my core values is accessibility. I want you to be able to get the help and advice you need to succeed at any level. This is why I offer a split payment option. On the checkout screen you will be given the option to pay in full or choose a payment plan.