What did my clients have to say about our time together.

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I don’t think I can even put into words how amazing Katie is. She has given me so much confidence to grow my business and push through the tough times. When she says that she wants to help you leave your legacy, she’s not joking! She is constantly going above and beyond for her clients, and her support is incredible.

The experience that Katie has across a variety of different business models is super useful, as she is able to specifically tailor her advice to your goals. She is truly an expert in what she does, and working with Katie has got to be one of the best investments I have made for my business.

If you truly want to start running your business with intent, structure and purpose, I couldn’t recommend Katie enough. She will help you to get onto the right path so you can achieve your goals, and make the impact of your dreams.

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Working with you has given me clarity, drive and accountability.

I love being able to bounce off ideas to you and I love your no-nonsense approach to the answers. Not woo-woo, just actionable and makes sense.

You are very knowledgeable about so much more than just the business stuff and it makes for an all-around experience for my business and life.

Cannot wait to continue working with you for the next 3 months….the last 3 months have gone too quickly.

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Katie has been worth every single penny. We recently purchased a holiday home and had no idea where to even start with getting it off the ground and being able to stand out from the masses.

We reached out to Katie for help advice and quickly realised she was the right person for the job. Not only did she help us with the initial set-up and strategy she has also been managing the business for us whilst we still have our other commitments. It's been completely hassle-free!

We got everything sorted from Social Media, Pricing, Booking Systems, Advertising the works. Katie helped us position ourselves as a luxury family-orientated holiday home and we've doubled our revenue in our 2nd year! I wouldn't hesitate to hire Katie if you are looking for a silent business partner to help you get your business off the ground.

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I have known Katie for over 10 years, It was clear to see that Katie had determination, motivation and passion for what she was doing. Her ability to see what tasks needed doing and always finding the most efficient way of doing things really stood out to me. I was so confident in Katie's abilities I invited her to be my Shop Manager - managing a team of up to 15 of a busy catering outlet. 

Katie always led by example keeping the staff morale high during peak periods. She kept myself and my business organised by managing the staff rotas, rotating stock and ordering fresh supplies promptly to ensure the smooth running of the shop. Katie was a vital and integral part of my business and my years working alongside her have been most enjoyable - I would recommend her to anyone.

I hope she is given the chance to support other business owners like myself to run their business to its full potential. If you are looking for support from an efficient, hard-working and determined individual look no further. Katie has an eye for finding weak points and an unrivalled skill of finding more efficient ways of running the business - I wouldn't have been able to do this without her. 

Thank you for everything over the past decade - it's been a pleasure!



I set up the happiness helper because I wanted to make people happy not because I wanted to run a business, I found this side of things very overwhelming and this is exactly why I turned to Katie for support.

Within a week of working together, we set a plan of action for the next 3 months and Katie held me accountable to my goals. Bam, 3 months later I've sold out my new group coaching program and left my 9-5 corporate job and I am now full time The Happiness Helper and I couldn't be happier.

Katie fully immerses herself into your business so you don't need to muddle through all the difficult stuff alone. She has an infectious energy and is a great laugh, she also gives me that kick up the bum when I need it. 

I would really recommend working with katie. I know I won't be leaving anytime soon!