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A pizza and pasta-loving country girl at heart that lives by the sea. I don't come from riches nor do I have some crazy backstory, I'm just your average girl that wanted more from life than to be tied to their desk 24/7. 

I grew up on a council estate in a run-down town where society didn't expect me to amount to much. When I was 24 I almost went blind and was working myself into the ground, I tried to find balance and the pandemic forced me to take a chance on myself and here I am, but other than that it's your pretty average story!

My mission is more exciting than my story, I want to change the statistic of small businesses failing by giving them the tools, teachings and support they need to make their wildest dreams come true.

Your success will be my lasting legacy.

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I've worked in small businesses since the age of 15 and since starting Katie Chic Consulting in 2020 I've worked with over 30 different businesses to help them gain clarity and create a business strategy that works for them.

Over my career, I've worked in over 20 different industries from PR to Sales, the Hair and Beauty industry, Hospitality and catering, logistics, warehousing and retail.

I even did a spat of modelling as a wild card 😂

Working in all these different industries gives me an advantage unlike most, I have the experience and skillset to blend strategies and ideas from different industries to apply them to your business to give you the edge when it comes to business growth.

You didn't start your business because you love business, you started because you have a passion for something and you wanted to spend your time doing it right? 

But in doing so you realised all the business sh*t that comes with it and its a minefield! Not anymore - I'm here to break down the bullsh*t, keep it simple and help you build a simplified business model that works for you. 


Oh and this is my partner Kyle, we're those cringy childhood sweethearts and he's a big part of how all this is possible, he's supported every wild and crazy idea I've ever had!


The Young years

I always remember having the ambition to be a plumber or a mechanic when I was younger (I did neither). There are also one too many home videos of me being very bossy and doing yet another dance routine to steps or the spice girls and getting mad at my sisters for not performing it the right way like I planned - let's just say I've been a leader from the moment I stepped out the womb!

The Teenage years

Whilst I had some wonderful friends I spent a lot of my teenage years being bullied. I was one of those that couldn't wait to finish school and move on to a new chapter. I wasn't particularly academic, very average, but I did have a love for media and photography which I went on to study in college before deciding it wasn't for me and moving into an apprenticeship where my love for business began. I also started my first job at 15 and had 2 jobs running side by side pretty much ever since!

The Twenties

After finding my love for business after working alongside a serial entrepreneur there was no stopping me, I went off to University to learn everything I could and graduated with a 2:1 in Business Management and Marketing and also started my first business; selling shoes and homeware - It was a success in its moment but I didn't build it to last!

After graduation, everything came crashing down. I was diagnosed with an idiopathic rare brain disease - which basically means they don't know what's caused it but it was sending me blind. I tried the medication and their other recommendations but nothing was working and I hit rock bottom. It was here that I found myself, I carried on working with permanent double vision until I saved enough money to take 3 months off - and I did just that. 

For 3 months I worked on myself, I slept for days on end! I cried and for a while did nothing, I allowed my body to rest and heal and slowly but surely, built myself back up again, 1 year later I was in remission and promised myself I would never neglect my mental and physical well-being again and this is where my personal development journey began. 

2020 to now

With my newly made promise, I set out on a mission to find my purpose, whatever that was supposed to mean.  I always loved planning, problem-solving and organising and in the world of business, there was a perfect place for me - Logistics. Fast forward a year I was a Transport Planner (the dream job) and I hated it 🤷‍♀️. Working for a big corporate company was so rigid and there was no room for innovation so back to searching I go and oops here comes the pandemic and I was jobless. A blessing in disguise really because it forced me to take a chance on myself. I looked at all my past experience and spent time googling, before I knew it Katie Chic Consulting was born, a blend of coaching and consulting for the small business owner that has all the passion and vision but lacks the business knowledge to get where they want to be (which isn't your fault, you didn't study business as I did, you have a passion for your business - not running a business).

That's where I come in, I have the business knowledge, the logical brain and a passion for business planning and strategy, together we're an unstoppable force to get your business where you want it to be,

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