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Escaping Burnout to Embrace Freedom

Hey you, I'm Katie a dedicated Business Consultant, Mentor and educator on a mission to bridge the knowledge gap and change the statistics of small business success for the better. When I'm not lost in the world of business you'll find me seeking solitude and new perspectives in nature, usually by the beach or trying to climb a new mountain.

Like you, I was Chasing Freedom and Flexibility.

A life that doesn't make you need a break. A life of balance where you have the freedom to work on your own terms, enjoy leisurely walks with your doggo, take those long lunch breaks, and plan holidays with your loved ones effortlessly.

When I started my own business, my goal was to achieve the freedom and flexibility I desired, and now I'm here to help you do the same. I firmly believe that no business should be constrained by expectations. Instead, you should shape your business to align with the lifestyle you envision.

Trust me, it's achievable because I'm currently living it. All you need is the right foundation and strategy in place. By blending modern business practices with time-tested principles, I've crafted a fresh approach that truly caters to your needs. Say goodbye to the old ways and embrace a new era of business that finally works for you.

BA Hons in Business Management & Marketing

10+ years in
Hospitality Industry

Working both online

and In person

15+ years in
Service Industry 

Katie Sheach sat on the steps of Lincoln Catherdral Smiling

Pot Scrubber to Serial Entrepreneur

From starting work at 15 washing pots and being a runner in a kitchen, I've always been driven to lead. By 19 I was managing an SME with a team of twelve and conquering the worlds of logistics in my mid-twenties.

Now in my 30s, I've taken all that knowledge and I'm helping business owners just like you to build their own empires. Since starting in 2020 I've supported over 40 diverse businesses offering them clarity, accountability and bespoke strategies to achieve their unique goals.


Throughout my career, I have ventured into more than 20 industries, ranging from PR and sales to hair and beauty, hospitality and catering, logistics, warehousing, and retail. Oh, and I even dabbled in some modelling as a wild card, believe it or not! 😂

Working in all these different industries gives me an advantage unlike most, I have the experience and skillset to blend strategies and ideas from various industries and apply them to your business to give you the edge when it comes to sustainable business growth.


Whether you want to DIY with my guidance, get my eyes on your business or you want to connect with other business owners that just get it, I've got something for you. 

Alongside my consulting support, I'm proud to also be the founder of Her Gateway, The home of connection, collaboration and support.

"Katie fully immerses herself into your business so you don't need to muddle through all the difficult stuff alone. She has an infectious energy and is a great laugh, she also gives me that kick up the bum when I need it."

Chloe, The Happiness Helper Ltd.

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