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  • Katie Chic

Are you punishing yourself?

I'm going to keep this one short and sweet.

Stop wasting your time being busy.

As business owners our time is precious, it is the most valuable commodity we own and for some reason, we all like to throw it around like confetti.

We know our to-do list is never-ending, and we know we could work all hours of the day every day if we wanted to but I want to challenge you and ask you is it really productive?

Are you maximising every minute you spend working or are you being busy?

Let's be honest you are not. Do you know those days where you feel like you've been running around like a headless chicken but achieved absolutely zero?

That's called being a busy body.

Chances are you're on the brink of burnout or you're procrastinating doing something important or you're just a bit of an unorganised flapper thinking you should be doing something when in actual fact you don't actually have anything to do.

Society has led us to believe running a business has to be a 24/7 hustle but I call bullshit on that. There is so much tech and automation now that we have absolutely zero reason to be working all hours of the day and night.

We also choose to make our lives difficult, so I would argue that it accidentally seeps into our business too. Are you making things more difficult than they have to be?

I believe business can be simple if you let it and you can have guilt-free time off. There's more to life than just working on our business. We are people outside of our business even though at times it doesn't feel like it 😂

We should be able to sit and be present with family and friends and especially at meal times. We should be able to have a few days off without guilt.

Just to clarify, this doesn't mean we don't go through periods of working hard. I'm writing this at 8.30 pm and I've been working since 9 am. Why? because I'm trying to use the summer to get ahead because I'm taking a 2-week holiday in September and also have a big sales push coming up. Ps. I also take Fridays off... #balance.

To bring this back to 'short and sweet', I want you to really ask yourself, and be honest are you making your business harder than it has to be?

Could you be enjoying more of what life has to offer?

Balance is so important to our happiness.

What you are not changing, you are choosing.


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