How to write your business strategy in 2 hours, and cut out months of struggle in the process!

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

PAUSE… Stop the messy action and spend more time thinking!

I bet you haven’t been told that in a long time have you?

You are usually being told to take action, even messy action. And whilst there is some truth to that… what if I told you there was a better way?! What if I told you just by spending a couple of hours thinking… Even 30 minutes you could change the way you see the business and the ways it runs.

You’re intrigued aren't you.. I am too, let's see what happens!

DISCLAIMER: You are going to need to take action at some point… actually sooner than you think (unfortunately we can’t think our way to a successful business).

So before we dive in… let’s talk about taking action!

Taking action enables you to make progress and grow as a business owner.

Messy action enables you to learn from your mistakes and grow as a human being.

But do you know what messy action also leads to? Stress. Why is nothing working?! Frustration. Why is *she* doing so well but im falling flat?! Burnout. Mixing stress, frustration and constant ‘fails’ will only lead to burnout and wanting to give up because you just can’t make it work! Is this starting to feel familiar… It sure does to me!

So how do we take action without all the feels? WE THINK! Absolute rocket science right?

I know, business is *suuuuperrrr* hard and complicated🙄.

Thinking enables you to get creative, brainstorm ideas and really let yourself go without judgement. It also gives you the opportunity to be strategic about your business moves.

I spend so much time thinking I've filled a notebook with business ideas. If I had taken messy action I would be launching something new every month. But by spending some time thinking and creating a strategy I’ve been able to build out my product suite for the next 3-5 years.

What really is strategy?!

Let's get straight into the definitions -

Strategic; the identification of long-term or overall aims and interests and the means of achieving them.

Basically: Making well thought out and researched decisions backed by evidence.

Super Simple.

The best way to ensure business success is to have a well thought out plan with achievable action steps.

Okay Katie I am sold… but where do I even begin my business needs so much thinking?!

I always recommend starting at the end of the beginning (bare with me here).

The first place you should always start is with your goals and dreams for yourself and your business - it’s the reason you're reading right? You want to know how to run a successful business that gives you freedom to live out your dreams?!

Well I said you would be taking action sooner than you thought!

Go grab a pen and paper…

(insert weird lift music here whilst I wait😂)

Okay ready?

Step one - let’s get juicy!

So if you’re like me… you ready with your cutest notebook and pen and highlighters… or you’ve got the notes app open on your phone (no judgement… 👀)

Let’s put money aside and throw that straight out the window (not literally please). If your main priority in your business is making money you need to be working for someone else. Money is a by product of your success and that is all.

Now I’ve laid down one of the *very few* business rules, it’s time to go crazy.

Write down all the reasons you started your business.

Every single reason, no matter how small you think it may be. Nobody can read this unless you allow them to, this is your free space to think openly… without judgement.

Write down what you want to achieve in your business

Again fill your hearts desires, think big and then go even bigger or maybe your dream is to stay small. Whatever it is, get everything down. Draw, doodle do what you need to get your business dreams visible in front of you.

Finally ask yourself - what role do I play in this version of success

If money, commitments wasn’t a concern - what role would you play in your business. Are you all hands on working everyday? Do you have a team of people so you can work part time?. Are you sipping cocktails whilst your business is a thriving success? You tell yourself where you want to be.

WOW that felt good didn’t it!

Step 2 - Back to thinking!

For a moment or as long as you need I just want you to sit and take in everything in front of you. This is your ultimate life, your dreams and goals all in front of you. Now imagine if this was your life, imagine this was possible. How does it feel?




I am here to tell you that it is possible! 100% you can make this happen if you want to. It's going to take commitment, hard work and lots more action and thinking but it can be broken down into actionable steps to ensure you achieve that dream.

Now sit with your notes for a moment and just believe if that was all possible how would you feel, because I can tell you it is possible. Of course it's going to take a lot of hard work to get there but it can be broken down into actionable steps to ensure you achieve that dream.

Those action steps are your strategy.

(Told you… business is super hard and difficult to understand 🙄)

This is where we start at the end of the beginning. It’s time to create a plan, because a dream without a plan is just a wish and wishes don’t bring success. Thinking and action bring you freedom and enables your dreams to become a reality.

You need to break down those goals into a timeline 1,3,5 years and then the ultimate dream. Then you break down the timeline into months and then those months into actionable steps.

Ask yourself what do I need to do in order to achieve this specific goal?

Okay class, that’s your first business strategy session over. It's time for a well earnt drink… choose wisely (it’s always 5pm somewhere but drink responsibly 😉).

If you’re sitting there thinking I LOVE EVERYTHING YOU HAVE JUST DONE but how do I actually understand my goals and create an action plan that allows me ditch the struggle and finally have that freedom I've always wanted?

Book yourself in for a 1:1 goal setting workshop with me your host… Katie Chic!

My goals setting workshops are an intensive 2 hour 1:1 where we deep dive into your dreams and break them down in measurable goals over a set period of time. Once we’ve done that and you are happy with the potential to reach your dreams we then create your action steps to hit those first goals. We brainstorm lots of ideas and you get access to my bank of knowledge otherwise known as - the brain.

Once our time has ended I create a detailed report of everything we have covered and layout your goals and initial action steps so you can get straight to work creating your dream life full of freedom, financial stability and success.

Then the rest is up to you!

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