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Katie Sheach having a Business Consulting Session with her client sat at a table in Lincoln.

Long term support with me


For the business owner that knows things need to change to achieve the growth they desire; but finds themselves questioning the next steps to take to get there. If you're ready for a sounding board and expertise to guide you let's go.


Prepare to have more clarity, focus and confidence in your business than you've had in a long while. Together we'll analyse where you're at, optimise what's working for maximum return and then together create a strategy for long-term business growth that works for you.



We'll make sure your business has the core foundations in place ready for your growth.


We'll analyse your current services, and find gaps for additional revenue


We'll secret shop your business and find where your leaving money on the table.


We'll make sure you are delivering the best customer service possible even when they aren't infront of you.


You can't put all your eggs in one basket, we'll make sure you're visible where you need to be to increase visibility.


We'll make sure you are running your business in the most efficient way to save you time and money.


We'll look at your dreams and set goals that get you there. Without goals your winging it.


We'll make sure your getting the most of your team and make sure they're excited to work with you.


Growing a business is a minefield so we'll be checking in on you too and making sure you do the necessary work.

Katie Chic Consulting having a business and marketing support session with her client


Business growth doesn't have to feel daunting and overwhelming. You don't need to spend every waking minute thinking about your business, you don't have to feel guilt for working on your business or spending time with family, you can have that balance with both. Right now you're stuck in a rat race with your business because you don't have a clear strategy to follow, you have ideas that are on that to-do list in your brain but their not on paper, mapped out with deadlines so you can delegate and get support.

You started this business because you wanted to build something more for yourself right? Right now, you are the one preventing yourself from leaping forward. I live and breathe business strategy and I love getting into the nitty gritty messy middle of businesses and helping them find hope again. Let me help you. 

I know you find accepting help hard, but you're right here, right now on this page looking for help. You've done the hard bit... finding me. Now it's time to unload the stress onto my shoulders, let me be your guidance, your sounding board and your professional opinion that cares about you and the business.

You will be amazed at what we can achieve together as a team. 
Let's make the magic happen shall we - and I promise it does get to be fun!

Step One.
You complete the application form
I will review the form and be in touch via your chosen method of contact within 2 working days.
We'll have a chat through where you're at and your needs and make sure we're a good fit for each other.
Step Two.
You decide if it's right for you
I won't force you into a decision, I want you to be 100% all in, it's how we get the best results. Once you've decided it's right for you, I will send over an email with all the formalities and we'll schedule a kick-off call.
Step Three.
We get started and make shit happen
Once we've had our informal kick-off call to get everything rolling, we'll schedule your Strategy Day and I will get to work auditing your business and creating all the things I need in preparation. You'll have a couple of forms to complete for me before our session and then we let the fun begin building out your business strategy!
Step Four.
When it's all over
Once we've completed our sessions, we'll have a follow-up call, I'll make sure you have everything you need and you will unlock access to my secret menu of additional support and guidance exclusive for past clients.
"Katie is an an absolute gold mine for small businesses. I have been working with her for 6 months and I cannot imagine my business without her knowledge, expertise and guidance. I know she genuinely cares for me and my business and it is so evident that she is helping me succeed."

Kaily, Life and Love Coach


There is no blueprint for business growth, you're running your own race. Whether you're looking for rapid growth, pivoting or wanting to reset solid foundations Level Up is designed for you. We'll have a full strategy day to get that much-needed clarity and set out the blueprint for the future followed by extra sessions set at your pace for extra guidance and support as you action your blueprint.

The Breakdown

1 x Full Strategy Day (In person, UK)
5 x 60min Consulting sessions (Zoom)
1 x 45 min follow-up session (Zoom)
Extra support and guidance within the client portal, email and WhatsApp as needed during the contract.

Payment plans are available.
Sessions are to be used within 6 months


Take a look at my injection of support sessions. 
Choose from 1 hour Zoom sessions right through to Full Day Planning Sessions in person.

  • What is Business Consultancy
    As a Business Consultant I am here to identify where your business can enhance their operations, efficient and profitability. I usually work 1:1 with the owner(s) of the business to analyse where there business is at, identify opportunities to optimise what they currently have and then develop long term strategies for improvement. I will provide you with insights, recommendations and solutions based on my experience, knowledge and best practices.
  • How are you different to other consultants?
    If you've worked with Business Consultants in the past you may be in for a surprise when you work with me. I'm not about overcomplicating things, using jargon no one understands or forcing you into a certain way of doing things. You also won't find me in a stuffy suit so if that's who you're looking for I'm probably not for you. I am customer and owner centred Business Consultant and I focus on blending both traditional and modern business thinking to create a bespoke strategy that works for you. Ps. We like to keep things simple (no complicated spreadsheets or corporate KPI stuff)
  • Is 1:1 support right for me?
    The benefits of 1:1 is every piece of advice I offer is bespoke to you. I also get to dive deep into your business and it's behinds the scenes which is the most beneficial part of the process because I can really see what's happening. It's usually the little things that can make the biggest difference and they are easier to spot when working 1:1. We also get to build a really great relationship during the process and it is so nice having one person that just knows everything about your business and loves it almost as much as you do. 1:1 is also a great fit if you want to make moves quickly, because you've got me on hand to answer problems as they arise you don't have to struggle to figure it out on your own.
  • What types of business do you help?
    I predominantly work within the Service Industry, but I have worked with product based businesses too (also used to have one of my own). It's probably easier to tell you who I haven't supported 😂. The reason I can help businesses from all industries is because I'm a generalist, I focus on business strategy which the fundamental principles are the same no matter the business you have. You also get the added benefit that I can blend strategies from multiple industries to give you a competitive edge. Here's some of the types of businesses I have helped; E-Commerce, Restaurants, Holiday Lets, Hairdressers, Beauty Salons, Therapies, Life Coaches, Tech Strategists, Dubsado Specialists, Product [games], Fishmonger, Career Coach, Marketing Consultants, Copywriters, Executive Assistants, Brand Designers, Yoga Instructors, Accountants, Artists, Sustainability Consultants and more...
  • I want to get to know you first
    Of course! You can check out my about page to see my mission, vision and a little history. You are welcome to book in for a cuppa and gossip chat with me, just reach out and I'll send you a link 😁 You can also have a nosey around my socials if you want to get a feel for who I am and see some of the day to day and behinds the scenes exciting stuff! (take exciting with a pinch of salt lol).
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