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Katie Chic Consulting providing a marketing support session to her client



For the business owner that wants the benefit of Katie's eyes in their business without the long-term commitment. Perfect to get an injection of clarity to help you over your current hurdle. Choose the session that suits you best.


Let's get you out of the muddy middle and back onto the path of clarity and hope once again. 
You don't have to stay stuck and struggling, an injection of support can rapidly change your course of direction and have you feeling confident once again. I will be your sounding board, your critical thinking and your problem solver in one simple session!




I'll help you identify the gaps in your core foundations to strengthen you business and keep it protected.


I'll help you figure out if your new idea is a good fit and how these offers blend into your wider strategy.


Let me know before hand what you're struggling with and I can 360 audit your business and give you some quick win changes.


Having problems finding or retaining customers? Let's deep dive into why thats happening and get some solutions to try.


Is your marketing not performing or you're just hating it? Lets find a way that works for you and still gets results.


I'll help you find solutions that enable your business to work harder for you so you can work on everything else.


Feeling like you don't even know anymore? Let's look at it together, I'll refocus you back into your vision and get you excited again.


Having problems hiring/retaining your team? Need a sounding board on what to do with tricky team members? Let's find a solution for you.


Sometimes you just need a mentor. Someone to offload and listen to that can also provide some actionable advice. I'm here.

Katie Chic Consulting sat talking to her client about business strategy


Business can be a minefield sometimes can't it? 
It's so easy to get stuck and stay stuck - it's exactly why I created an Injection of support. 

Sometimes you're not looking for long term support, you just need a solution to help you move forward and make a decision in your business. Now, you could spend hours searching online, but let me guess; you've been doing that already and you're more confused than ever. Don't even get me started on the mess you get in when you start asking friends and family for their two pence on the matter, oh dear oh dear!

Shall we just ditch the messy middle from the start, and come and get some bespoke advice and guidance from someone that knows business? You might be thinking 'You don't know my business though' but just check out some of the testimonials from clients who've had an injection of support from me. I have a special gift when it comes to finding solutions, I honestly think it's what I was born to do!

Right then, let's get you unstuck on back on the path of clarity shall we?

Step One.
Choose the best session for you
There's a range of sessions to choose from, have a nosey and decide which one is the best fit for you, if you get stuck just reach out and I can point you in the right direction.
Step Two.
Pay and book in your session
You will be taken through to my client portal system where you can safely book and pay for your session. Depending on the session you have chosen, I will be in touch to confirm and send you some prework to complete so we can make the most out of our time together.
Step Three.
Complete the session and receive your notes.
We will complete the session and then afterwards I will send you an email with all your notes and recommendations from the session so don't stress about scribbling down all the juicy things I'm telling you. 
Ps. I can also record the session and provide you with a replay if that suits you better.
"I had a much needed Clarity Hour with Katie. I had been feeling overwhelmed; full of ideas about how to move the business forward, but completely unable to set priorities and work out a plan. In the space of a mere 60 minutes Katie helped me in so many ways. I now feel confident and focused. I am not sure how Katie managed to do it, but if you need professional advice I couldn't recommend her highly enough. She has an extraordinary talent to listen, absorb, and come up with actionable solutions."

Helen, Mosaic Artist

60 minute session

A quick-fire 60 minutes to ask me as many questions as you can. We can work on one particular area you are struggling with or touch on several subjects. You will be able to share a little bit of information before whilst it's fresh on your mind and I can do some prep to make sure we make the most of your 60 minutes.

The Breakdown

1 x 60min Clarity Hour (Zoom)
Write up of your notes and recommendations
*Recording available if requested

Book your session by clicking the link below

The Breakdown

1 x 180min Planning Session (Zoom)
Business Analysis
Goals and Action Steps write up
Plus further notes and recommendations

Book your session by clicking the link below

180 minute session

3 hours to build out a business strategy for you to work towards over the next 90 days. We'll get you some much needed clarity, complete my framework assessment and create a detailed plan with action steps for you to go away and follow. If you need a mini overhaul to push you in the right direction this is perfect for you.

6-8 hours 

A business audit overhaul. Feeling full of chaos and at a loss and running out of the fight to keep going? You need a Strategy Day. We'll have a full day together in person to go over your entire business model and come up with an action plan to help you find that strength and confidence to keep going.

The Breakdown

1 x Full day in person (6-8 hours)
A full business audit and analysis
A blueprint with action steps to follow.
Plus further notes and recommendations.

Enquire below and I will be in touch to discuss availability and further information.
*Extra charges may incur for travel

  • What is Business Consultancy
    As a Business Consultant I am here to identify where your business can enhance their operations, efficient and profitability. I usually work 1:1 with the owner(s) of the business to analyse where there business is at, identify opportunities to optimise what they currently have and then develop long term strategies for improvement. I will provide you with insights, recommendations and solutions based on my experience, knowledge and best practices.
  • How are you different to other consultants?
    If you've worked with Business Consultants in the past you may be in for a surprise when you work with me. I'm not about overcomplicating things, using jargon no one understands or forcing you into a certain way of doing things. You also won't find me in a stuffy suit so if that's who you're looking for I'm probably not for you. I am customer and owner centred Business Consultant and I focus on blending both traditional and modern business thinking to create a bespoke strategy that works for you. Ps. We like to keep things simple (no complicated spreadsheets or corporate KPI stuff)
  • Is 1:1 support right for me?
    The benefits of 1:1 is every piece of advice I offer is bespoke to you. I also get to dive deep into your business and it's behinds the scenes which is the most beneficial part of the process because I can really see what's happening. It's usually the little things that can make the biggest difference and they are easier to spot when working 1:1. We also get to build a really great relationship during the process and it is so nice having one person that just knows everything about your business and loves it almost as much as you do. 1:1 is also a great fit if you want to make moves quickly, because you've got me on hand to answer problems as they arise you don't have to struggle to figure it out on your own.
  • What types of business do you help?
    I predominantly work within the Service Industry, but I have worked with product based businesses too (also used to have one of my own). It's probably easier to tell you who I haven't supported 😂. The reason I can help businesses from all industries is because I'm a generalist, I focus on business strategy which the fundamental principles are the same no matter the business you have. You also get the added benefit that I can blend strategies from multiple industries to give you a competitive edge. Here's some of the types of businesses I have helped; E-Commerce, Restaurants, Holiday Lets, Hairdressers, Beauty Salons, Therapies, Life Coaches, Tech Strategists, Dubsado Specialists, Product [games], Fishmonger, Career Coach, Marketing Consultants, Copywriters, Executive Assistants, Brand Designers, Yoga Instructors, Accountants, Artists, Sustainability Consultants and more...
  • I want to get to know you first
    Of course! You can check out my about page to see my mission, vision and a little history. You are welcome to book in for a cuppa and gossip chat with me, just reach out and I'll send you a link 😁 You can also have a nosey around my socials if you want to get a feel for who I am and see some of the day to day and behinds the scenes exciting stuff! (take exciting with a pinch of salt lol).
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