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  • Katie Chic

Have you fallen into the trap of being an employee in your business?

I always ask my clients how many hours are they spending working in their business and on their business and the results won't shock you, in fact, you’ll probably find you are doing the same but let's see shall we?

Do you spend more time working in your business than you do on your business?

Not sure what the difference is? Let’s break it down.

Working IN your business includes; customer service, packing orders, creating products, serving your clients/customers, having discovery calls, emailing, basically anything where your customers/clients are the focus. In general, these are the tasks that work directly in relation to you making money in your business.

Whilst these are important if you are not making time to work ON your business you could be setting your business up to fail sooner than you think.

So what is working ON your business exactly?

Working on your business includes things such as business planning, marketing, and sales strategies, future development, improving systems and structures, analyzing data, etc.

In general, these are tasks that don’t directly bring money into your business.

So why should you be working on your business if it doesn’t directly make you money?

Working on long-term planning and development if done right will have a positive impact on the business as a whole which in turn will increase profits and efficiency in your business which is important if you want to continue growing your successful business.

What’s the trap? As a business owner especially in the early days, you are generally a one-person band meaning you have to do everything in the business with little to no support.

What then happens is you focus all your energy on the money-making activities and forget to set aside time to develop and grow your business.

The result? You feel like you're constantly working and getting nowhere and have no time for yourself.

The business is neglected and as a result, stops growing and leaves you feeling unfulfilled.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you set aside proper time religiously to work on your business, I’m sure you’ve had so many ideas you’ve wanted to explore but haven’t had the time. Or things you’d love to improve if only you had the time.

You have to make the time. When my clients work with me I am holding them accountable for making the time because they are doing it with me. I’m providing the time and space to work on the bigger picture and with my expertise provide the tools, guidance, and action plan to make it happen.

If you are wondering where to even start I suggest spending a couple of hours once a month just reviewing the basics, your money, and your marketing stats.

It’s always good to know where your money is coming and going in your business.

If you know how your marketing is performing you know what to continue, and what to stop.

Think you could do with some help with this? Fill out my contact form to see how I can support you.

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